You’ve got the venue booked and the date is set, so what next? One of the most important suppliers to choose for your dream wedding is the photographer.

Once the big day has gone by in a flash (and it will!), your head will be bursting with the most wonderful memories of the day you said: “I do”. But, nothing quite beats sitting down and sharing photos of those special moments with your friends and family. You will also want to recapture the memories in years to come, maybe with your children and grandchildren.

Of course, your guests will no doubt take plenty of snaps, but will they know to get a photo of your precious aging nan or the cousins you’ve not seen in years?

Have a read of our top tops on picking your wedding photographer…

• Do your research into the style of wedding photos you want. Do you want the traditional family line-ups or would you rather a photographer mingles quietly, capturing more natural, non-staged images? This will help to narrow down which photographer you go for.
• Meet your photographer in person before appointing them. If you don’t like their personality, they could become a real irritant on what is a very important day. They will be by your side all day long, so it’s vital to find one you get along with.
• Ask to see plenty of examples of their work. It’s best to see complete wedding albums as any photographer can get the odd lucky shot – you want to see how they cover an entire wedding day.
• Be clear on what you get for your money. Photographers can be expensive – avoid the post-wedding argument over extra fees and establish from the outset what you get for your money and what will need paying for separately. Also, ask whether you will get a disc of all of your photos after the day – not all are willing to hand over their work in this way.
• What is their contingency plan? What if they are ill on your wedding day, have they got back-up?
• It will be helpful to show your photographer any style of images you would like to recreate on your day. Give some thought to what group shots – if any – you want taking and what parts of your wedding venue you particularly want to feature in your photos.
• Have an engagement / pre-wedding photo shoot at your wedding venue. This gives the photographer the opportunity to get to know you as a couple and learn the types of shots which will work for you or not. You can then also walk around your wedding venue together to highlight particular shots or backdrops you like.
• Have a clear plan of how you want your photographer to work on your wedding day – do you want coverage of both of you getting ready, do you want them to stay for the first dance, etc? Work out timings between you so every part of your wedding day is captured how you want it.

If you’ve picked the right photographer and done the right planning together, you’ll be able to relax on your wedding day, safe in the knowledge they have got it all covered.